Monday, December 05, 2016

Australia’s Best Motorcycle Roads – Updated

I have made some long overdue updates to the blog’s archive of the best motorcycle rides in Australia.

New content added includes a number of additional road suggestions, new photos to existing roads and some rewriting of old posts. Also there is now a Google map of Australia showing all the roads which can be viewed by name if you open the map full screen.

I have also brought over a selection of the best road suggestions from the separate Brisbane and Gold Coast archives. I never knew until recently that visitors were landing on the archive page from Google but then not aware that all the best motorcycle roads from Byron bay to the Sunshine coast were listed separately (despite the links) so now they should get a more complete idea of the best riding roads.

So whilst there is still much that could be improved like linking things and additional rewriting I hope visitors will find that section of the blog more helpful for their ride planning in future.

The full archive is located here (click orange text)


  1. Hey Warren, we just spent a long (4 day) weekend touring down Bombala way from Sydney. Used your map as my primary resource for route choice. We did the coast road through Bermagui, Brown Mountain, Monaro Hwy, Delegate and back, Imlay Rd, Monaro to Cann River, back to Bombala, then Cathcart-Mt Darragh-Bega. Currently sitting in Namoora golf club drinking beer after best day riding ever. Your blog is a terrific resource, you deserve an award for creating it. I love your stories of your international rides too. Thanks so much for putting it together and for assisting so much with East Coast route planning.

    Gary and Joanne

    1. Hey guys, you're welcome. That sounds like a top ride indeed. Wish I was there :)