Friday, June 12, 2015

Ride NZ

I get a lot of requests to promote things, mostly spam spam and spam. However every now and again I find something arrives in the mail box that is worth passing on.

The New Zealand Transport Agency in conjunction with Greater Wellington Regional Council contacted me about letting readers know of a new web site for motorcycle riders in the lower North and upper South islands of New Zealand. It’s called

Fortunate timing since I am thinking to maybe return to NZ early next year and this is the area I was going to focus on. It’s got some good info for my next visit and you get a safe riding message thrown in, bit like the good rides NSW site I posted on the Motorcycle Paradise Facebook page but nothing wrong with that.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Don’t damage your hearing

The importance of being earnest wearing ear plugs cannot be overstated.

I used to be one of the guys who scoffed at the idea and claimed they were uncomfortable or I could not bear to ride with them. Then came the day I knew I had damaged my hearing. Here is my simple layman explanation of how easy this can happen.

Do you sometimes have a ringing in the ears after a ride? But it goes away right? Well one day you will go to bed and think gee that ringing is quite noticeable tonight, oh well it will be gone when I wake up but then the next day it is still going to be there. And then you find it continues to be ringing all day, and the next day and the next. Unfortunately it will now be ringing every minute for the rest of your life and there is nothing that can be done about it. All those rides without ear plugs have finally caught up, the ringing previously you heard was the damage you had already caused. Your brain incredibly had been able to conceal the ringing previously, masking/hiding this noise for you because the damage never fixes itself but eventually the damage reaches a level where the brain can no longer tune out the ringing.

This way the brain for awhile tunes out the noise is what made me ignore it. We acknowledge our ears ringing and we know that means we have done something but then it seems to go away so we think no problem it was only temporary or it has healed now but this is not true. Repeated exposure and eventually the level of damage reaches a point that the ringing is there for good. Forever.

Ok look that is my non scientific version which is not entirely what happens but I just want to tell it how I experienced it to try break through to some riders to perhaps make a reader think hang on I get this - maybe I should be doing something. Like so many riders I only started to wear ear plugs after I had already damaged my hearing. Better I suppose that to continue and make matters even worse but I wish I had realised sooner.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

TCX Explorer Evo GT boots review

While happy with my Vitesse boots they are more for days rides as not waterproof. I had been ready to embark on a extended tour overseas (prior to breaking my collar bone) heading to cold and wet places like Scandinavia so decided to invest in a set of waterproof boots which I thought would also be pretty handy for tours here in Japan.

Prior to the Vitesse boots I have had a long history of buyer disappointment when it comes to boots. I spoke rather unflatteringly before about two pairs in particular but have come to think perhaps it is my feet that are a hard to fit and not the boot’s somehow being faulty. Unfortunately I found it very hard to source touring boots in my size the shops here, actually it was impossible. Lots of casual riding shoes, then lots of racing type boots but nothing much in a waterproof plain boot. And so I ended up ordering from who I have done business with a few times and went for boots that were both on sale but also with reviews of consistent sizing.