Sunday, December 07, 2014

Keep your cool

It might be freezing here in Japan at the moment but it is summer in other parts of the world where I will soon be heading to and so I find myself examining my hot weather riding gear.

Some of the things I find help me stay cool are as follows:

Good helmet venting. I use a Nolan N43 helmet which has a lot more air venting than most helmets and in summer it makes a huge difference to how I feel since I am not hot and sweaty inside the helmet. When I first got it I used to swap occasionally to my Shark RSR2 helmet and wow the difference on a hot day is quite significant. Helmets that vent really well are going to also be more noisy but if you wear earplugs then it makes no difference. Web bike world have good reviews about helmet venting performance.

Lightweight mesh jacket. I’ve tried a few summer or 4 season jackets and results do vary depending on if you have a naked or full fairing bike. But in general if you are riding summer in your leather or textile jacket then a mesh jacket will make riding so much more comfortable that you will wonder how you did without one. And they are generally very affordable too so even if you only wear it on the very hottest days preferring your regular gear at other times then it won’t break the bank to have one in the cupboard.

Cooling neck scarf. This is something new for me. I used to always wear a summer Buff neck tube as jackets seem to move around exposing the back of my neck to the sun and even with sunblock after a long day I would end up with sunburn. Now I am using a neck tie that you put under the tap and soak, it has material which soaks up a lot of water and as you ride you are treated to evaporative cooling. It works brilliantly and stops your neck getting burnt at same time.


Saturday, December 06, 2014

Australia’s Best Motorcycle Roads

I have gathered up most of my ‘best motorcycle roads in Australia’ posts on this page. Additionally they are now all on this map.

To get the most out of the map click the { } button on the map to open in new window in google full screen. Then you can access the list of road names and select a road and have it highlighted on the map to see where it it located.

The list below now also includes a selection of best roads from the Brisbane and nearby area - a full list of every good road in that location can be found here for Brisbane and here for Gold Coast/Northern NSW.

I do not have separate listings for Tasmania or South Australia. I would love to travel and ride these regions when I can find affordable motorcycle rental but as of writing prices remain prohibitively expensive however on the map of Australia I show the best roads in those two locations as suggested by other riders

Visitors to Australia

If you are thinking to visit Australia and want to enjoy some riding as well as a holiday then there are many options. If looking to ride from a base location with easy access to roads then the Gold Coast springs to mind as there is no big city traffic to escape and you can be on good riding roads in 15 minutes from your hotel while also having the beaches and theme parks for the family. See my Gold Coast page for road listings.

If looking to tour then whatever you do please avoid the main coast Pacific Highway which is nothing like the one on west coast of USA but rather a horrible concrete interstate with noise barriers – you will see nothing. Also the main highways across the middle of the country like Darwin to Adelaide are dead boring, 1000’s of km of nothingness. Take a look at my tour to get an idea of the history and sights that can be explored along the eastern states. Sydney to Melbourne or visa-versa inland or a loop from one of these cities will give you a nice ride and take in the history of the country.

Click the orange text above each photo for the article or choose from the list here.

Alpine Way, NSW - Batlow Road , NSW - Beechmont Mountain, QLD - Bells Line of Road, NSW - Bonang Road, NSW-VIC - Brown Mountain, NSW - Bruxner Highway, NSW - Bucketts Way, NSW - Bulahdelah, NSW - Bunya Mountain, QLD - Burringbah range (Tweed valley way) NSW - Bylong valley Way, NSW - Comboyne Road, NSW - Currumbin QLD-NSW - Falls Creek, VIC - Four Mountains, NSW - Gillies Highway, QLD - Grafton-Armidale Road, NSW - Great Alpine Road, VIC - Great Ocean Road, VIC - Gwydir Highway, NSW - Kangaroo Valley, NSWKenilworth, QLD - Kings Highway, NSW - Kyogle to Murwillumbah road NSW (via Uki) - Lions Road QLD-NSW - Lithgow-Harden, NSWMaleny, QLD - Mansfield to Whitfield Road, VIC - Mount Glorious (Mount Nebo), QLD - Mount Lindsey, QLD - Mount Mee, QLD - Murray River Road, VIC - Murray Valley Highway, VIC - Nerang – Muwillumbah road QLD - Numinbah Valley, QLD - O’Reilly’s, QLD - Oxley Highway, NSW - Putty Road, NSW - Queen Mary Falls, QLD - Sapphire Coast Road, NSW - Snowy Mountain Highway, NSW - Sofola and Hill End road, NSW - Springbrook Mountain, QLD - Summerland Way, NSW - Tablelands Way, NSW - Thunderbolts Way, NSW - Towonga Gap (and alpine national park), VIC - Ulong, NSW - Victoria High Country roads, VIC - Warrumbungles way, NSW - Waterfall Way, NSW - Wee Jasper, NSW - Wisemans Ferry and Wollombi, NSW - Wyangala, NSW - Yarra Ranges, VIC

p.s. the content here covers many years so varies in style and image quality. 

Alpine Way, NSW

Batlow Road , NSW

Batlow Road, NSw


Beechmont Mountain QLD


Bells Line of Road, NSW

Bonang Road, NSW-VIC (Updated)

Brown Mountain, NSW

Bruxner Highway, NSW

Bucketts Way, NSW

Bulahdelah, NSW


Bunya Mountain, QLD



Burringbah range (Tweed valley way) NSW


Bylong valley Way, NSW (updated)

Comboyne Road, NSW



Currumbin QLD-NSW


Falls Creek, VIC
falls crk rd

Four Mountains, NSW (updated)

Gillies Highway, QLD

Grafton-Armidale Road, NSW

Great Alpine Road, VIC

Great Ocean Road, VIC

Gwydir Highway, NSW

Kangaroo Valley, NSW


Kenilworth, QLD


Kings Highway, NSW


Kyogle to Murwillumbah road NSW (via Uki)



Lions Road QLD-NSW


Lithgow-Harden, NSW


Maleny, QLD



Mansfield to Whitfield Road, VIC


Mount Glorious (Mount Nebo), QLD



Mount Lindsey, QLD



Mount Mee, QLD


Murray River Road, VIC

Murray Valley Highway, VIC

Nerang – Muwillumbah road QLD



Numinbah Valley, QLD



O’Reilly’s, QLD


Oxley Highway, NSW
oxley 1

Putty Road, NSW


Queen Mary Falls, QLD


Sapphire Coast Road, NSW (updated)


Snowy Mountain Highway, NSW


Sofola and Hill End road, NSW (updated)



Springbrook Mountain, QLD



Summerland Way, NSW


Tablelands Way, NSW (Updated)

Thunderbolts Way, NSW


Towonga Gap (and alpine national park), VIC



Ulong, NSW


Victoria High Country roads, VIC


Warrumbungles way, NSW


Waterfall Way, NSW


Wee Jasper, NSW (updated)


Wisemans Ferry and Wollombi, NSW


Wyangala, NSW



Yarra Ranges, VIC (updated)