Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Good Motorcycle Reading

I am still without a motorcycle and I am now in the northern hemisphere where it is too cold for me to consider riding for a while (although I hear some brave souls on the weekend taking off in the early hours).

So I am spending considerable time reading about other people riding over at the ADV site and lots of gear reviews over at Web Bike World.

If you have not visited either of these excellent sites before then be prepared to lose many hours or days of your life.

I like the look of the new 2014 CB1100 (EX) however not sure I will buy another one...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The safest motorcycle helmet

I have mentioned it before but worth talking again it about. The UK Helmet Safety Assessment And Rating Programme called SHARP has been operating for some time now and has a large number of new and previous model helmets tested.

Some big name expensive helmets only score 3 out of 5 stars while some budget helmets manage to score a full 5 stars. It is an interesting site and even if you have a particular brand or style you prefer it is worth a look before you get spun the well worn '$50 helmet for a $50 head' sales talk when next shopping for a new lid - just so you hold the upper ground.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Farewell Australia


The open road beckons


Relaxing by the water


Rural vistas




Forgotten train station


Country town charm


Outlaws in the USA. We call them Bushrangers


This is Australia

And this is my last ride report on Australian roads for a long time.I have sold the CB1100 and I am relocating overseas permanently. I had planned a big farewell ride but weather cut it short. That’s the bad news. The good news is I have new riding to look forward to in Asia, Europe and North America. Until then take care and enjoy your riding. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Photon Cruise control review


Despite my previous poor results with a Vista cruise control for motorcycles (which was really throttle lock device same as this is) I have decided to try another design since I have a large Australian tour coming up soon.

The Photon Cruise 2 is a small device that clips on to your handlebar grip and to engage you simply use your finger to press it forward on to your brake lever. (See the next photo to visualise) You can get them on eBay for about $20 and fitting is just a few seconds.


To disengage you are told to simple wind the throttle forward and the device will slip to allow the throttle to close.

I was wondering how a device could both hold the throttle open but then allow it to close by simply twisting it with wrist. And unfortunately in operation the device, on my bike,  does not hold the throttle open well at all, the grip slowly slides and the throttle slowly closes.

Bumps and vibrations perhaps play a part and on smooth road I did get it to hold a couple of times and then as with any throttle lock you are then either accelerating slowly or decelerating slowly but never maintaining a steady speed since when riding we make tiny adjustments to the throttle to maintain a steady speed against varying resistance of wind and gradient. Despite that a short relief from wrist cramp on a long tour is still of value but nothing like the mile crunching power that electronic cruise delivers.

(Update: I have managed to get the device to grip better by adding the rubber ring that is provided for metal grips but the speed of  course remains always falling or accelerating)

The Photon is easier to fit and engage than the Vista but so far does not actually work that well. It is not intrusive so I will leave it on and give a long term update after my tour.

Related to this (and as readers might know) I previously also tried the wrist rest Throttle Jockey and Crampbuster devices on tour but found them to be too intrusive. To be able to rest your wrist at highway speed throttle position the device needs to be installed angled up high towards the sky at low speed throttle positions. (or if fitted flat as in the marketing photos it ends up pointing down to the road once the throttle is open) It is very easy to accidently open the throttle more than you wanted at low speeds when fitted as needed so I gave up trying to use them.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rear View Mirror

Looking back I have collected a few of the most popular reviews and may expand this a little if I come across other posts that I feel should be saved here.

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