Monday, August 02, 2010

Winter gear build up

My collection of winter gear continues to grow in preparation for the Europe tour.

My latest additions are a mid layer and a thermal base layer. After looking about a bit I settled on the Alpinestars mid layer jacket. I have looked long and hard at all the outdoor store mountain type gear but it was 3 times the price and not sure if truly 100% windproof. Then I looked at cycling winter garments which are windproof but they were still 50% more expensive and so given the cheapest option was actually designed for motorcycling it wins out easy. The simple design suits my plan to use it as a light jacket after hours. My around home test shows it to be very warm with a windproof front and zipper however road test is needed to confirm and I shall update further in the comments very soon.


The other item I have is a new thermal base shirt. This comes from Ground Effect in New Zealand, makers of rider apparel for cyclists. I am going to try it out and if suitable get a couple more and use these in rotation on the ride washing one each night my hotel room bathroom. The shirt is a hi-performance thermal item that combines a merino inner layer with a fast-drying polyester outer, so I should be able to get one dry overnight no problem. Being made for cycling means it has a longer back to stay tucked in which is also what us motorcyclists need. Lastly it is made in New Zealand yet priced less than my local camping and outdoor shops Chinese imported items.

My strategy for this tour is I can always remove layers or vent air to reduce warmth but cannot get warmer if I go under prepared.


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  1. The shirt is great and I will get a couple more.

    The micro fleece jacket is crap. It is cut a bit odd and not so comfortable and it will not stay tucked in to pants as a bit too short in length so all things considered it is a fail.