Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tranquil time out No.2


Would love to have this as my shop

I have not been riding for a few weekends, just catching up on some other things about home as well as spending a lot of time working out my next motorcycle tour plan.

Decided to put my money where my mouth is and purchase some items to try and meet the 10 point visibility as suggested in my last post. Once these arrive I shall review and do a follow up article. Things I have looked at are marker lights, LED taillights and  brighter coloured jacket.

That jacket will be a winter replacement for my Alpinestars leather jacket which while needing a zipper pull lug replaced is otherwise in perfect condition. I simply have put on some kilos around the middle during the many years I have owned it and so while it still fits being a sports cut jacket it now rides up a bit. Not actually designed as a winter jacket it worked fine here in the sub tropics with our mild winters however I will get myself a true winter jacket next to equip myself for other places.

Not been reading many motorcycle reviews of late, quite happy with the Buell still. About time I changed the oil and filter on it – which is all the minor service is really. Not much to worry about, the only item I know needs keeping an eye on with them is wheel bearings however I am not able to access those easy so might put it in the shop for the major services – then again will the mechanics there  actually look closely at them. Very economical motorcycles to own, fuel economy is amazing and if you can handle simple oil change then service costs are next to nothing.

I can see myself on a full tourer one day, perhaps something from BMW, however I ponder what the service costs would be, and how frequent I would have to negotiate time off work to get those done (perhaps more bothersome than the money) Would like to see Harley Davidson update their touring line to go somewhere in between where they are and the class leader BMW, ie keep the big torque push rod twin and keep the retro style but improve the ground clearance, loose some kilos and ensure it has electronic cruise control, trip computer, good suspension and ABS brakes.

Yeah I know I have weird ideas. Read some more of them via the Motorcycle Paradise Facebook page .


  1. I saw the "Pot Belly" sign and thought....that looks like Maclean. (BTW their pies are fantastic!!) I've been working in Maclean for over a year and never noticed the "Motor Cycle & Garage Works" sign. That's very cool.

    The idea of a HD - BMW hybrid sounds good too.

    I also like the boots you purchased recently. I have a pair of AGV waterproof touring boots that I I've had for a few years. They are quite high and go almost to my knees, which is great on the bike, but sometimes not great off it and walking around for a long time can be a bit painful.

    Having said that, I've even reached the point where I don't change into shoes at work and leave the boots on all day. Having a desk job means that I don't have to walk around too much during the day.

    Good luck with organising the next tour. Always enjoy reading your blog posts.

    Cheers, Anthony

  2. I thought you would spot this photo :) Funny thing is that sign was the first thing I noticed when riding into Maclean and promptly stopped to take a photo (rather average one at that)

    I would set up shop in there next week if I could figure out how to make ends meet...?

    You don't get swamp feet in the boots then? I envy blokes who don't as I tend to suffer that more than anyone I know.

    Next tour is coming together - it's a big trip!