Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tour time


I am all set to go on tour bike is prepped and I just need to put my bags on and go. The weather forecast has improved and while there is always a chance of rain it looks like the main issue will be high heat and thunderstorms in the afternoon. I will need to get up early to ride more before the heat of the day and finish sooner, especially if a big storm brews up.

The only problem with this is I might have to stay in motels rather than pubs as planned which then means I need to revisit my intended stop over points. The reason being at a pub or B&B you usually don't have facilities to prepare breakfast in your room whereas at a motel I can pick up something light the night before and place it in the rooms fridge and there is always tea and coffee etc.

Alternatively a option is to leave early from a pub stay and find somewhere to eat at the next town. This can be a bit hit and miss, the last time I tried this I ended up riding 150km before coming to a town big enough to have a cafe that opened for breakfast.

Slow down in country towns

Speaking of small town cafes, I was contacted by a reader who asks if I can bring to attention the issue of motorcycles not slowing down in small towns. He speaks of Grevillia on the Summerland way but this applies to so many places I ride. If you enjoy the freedom of riding country roads and not having to look at your speedo every 5 seconds then do slow down in the townships along the way otherwise the local police will be forced to respond and things will be ruined for all.


I have flirted with video a number of times but always returned to still photography. I purchased one of those cheap action video cameras from eBay recently that capture You Tube resolution video to a SD card inside it. You are meant to mount it on your helmet but that proved harder than it looked with the rubber strap slipping off each time. I have secured it to the bike and will see how it goes, I just want some footage of the road and scenery and not the action/speed type video so long as it doesn't shake too much 640*480 capture will be fine.

A Motorcycle Paradise reader from Canada showed me some of the video she took when touring Australia at last years Moto-GP and this rekindled my desire to try it myself. Here is a link to Nancy's videos , do take a look if you have time.


  1. IC,

    try mounting your camera low and pointing slightly upwards. - i mount it on my crash bar, but you can try a bolt on the fork on a fabricated bracket.

    Filming it this way give you a Moto GP feel and you will always look fast. Mounting high means everything looks slower than it is the case.

    Test a couple times before you go and around the corners to see whether u like the view..

  2. With my videos I use the Go Pro Motorsport Hero Wide Angle camera. I chose the Motorsport Hero because it came with the suction mount for the top of the tank - as well as the usual stick on mounts for the frame and other places.

    While a less wide angle would sometimes be desirable for a more natural look, the wide angle also helps reduce visual image shake - and thus that queezy motion sickness feeling.

    The wide angle also tends to straighten out the bends. So they look less sharp and the lean of the bike looks less as well. But, I think the overall final result is still good. And when watched on full screen on the computer it looks even better.