Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Tour Revised

I have been reworking my route for a 7 day motorcycle tour of the eastern states after Christmas. I want to try out some new (to me) roads, try to avoid routes I know well and where I need to revisit roads then ride them in the reverse direction of travel to last time.

Obviously getting this combination right everywhere is not possible in a mere 7 day ride so I have been playing with the possible routes in a number of times weighing up what works best.

I have reversed the direction of travel to counter clockwise. My thoughts are to ride up the Gwyder highway having previously only ridden down the range. First day considers fatigue being the longest and in full summer weather. I was considering riding via Ebor from Grafton which is excellent however I have done that many times.

Day two. I explore two alternative routes south, Denman to Rylstone and the Tablelands way. I was to have ridden this way on the Buell Muster which I missed due to health reasons.

Day 3 should be very enjoyable with a ride across a road less traveled from Yass to Tumut. A back road near Batlow that I read about. Murry River road will be a highlight and I look forward to riding via Granya and Beechworth which were both recommended to me by readers. Then Buffalo Mountain to end the day.

Day 4, mid way and the main feature ride of the tour. Tawonga pass to warm up then Falls Creek and down to Anglers rest on the newly sealed road. After this looking forward to the amazing vistas as I descend all the way to Tambo valley before turning left to Orbost. Now begins another key ride, the road to Bombala via Delegate. Read much about this road, seen the corners for next 101km sign on a couple of forum posts and am looking forward to it. But wait there is more as this truly is a living large ride day as following Bombala I will ride a series of famous mountain roads down to Bega to end the day.

Day 5. I will try the coast road from Tathra which I hear is good. I am looking forward to later in the day riding the King Highway from Batemans Bay up the valley and spectacular range which I have only descended previously. Another ride over the Tablelands way and some sightseeing late in day.
Day 6. I start with Putty road and then via Dungog and over to Wingham, should be rather good. Some back roads to Wauchope to avoid the brain numbing Pacific highway and last night away at Port. No particular highlights, just should all add up to make for a nice day.

Final day. Some highway then back roads much of the way to Mclean. Will check some more of the water features on the Waterfall Way at Dorrigo and venture back to the highway to avoid the mindless lower section of the Summerland way from Grafton. Cut across from Woodburn to Casino and the start of the good Summerland way. I might take the Lions Rd to lower the distance for the day - however if feeling fine then I will ride the extra to enjoy the superior Mt Lindsey.

Well that is a quick look at my chosen route. I ordered a new tank bag this weekend - tell you about it next weekend perhaps.



  1. Hey mate I'm Melbourne based and am looking into a tour similar to yours but opposite in the NY.. I know the snowy's and Alps quite well and you've got a few surprises.. The road from Mt Beauty to Omeo has only just been sealed, and is really gravelly.. Better to ride to Bright and then over Hotham.. I would ride the 50km stretch north of Omeo and back too. There's a pub you can stop at for lunch..

    Also, If you really want a good road from Tumut go over the Cabramurra pass. One of the best roads in the world. ALternatively ride from Canberra to Cooma, then towards Tumut and then over the pass. You won't regret it!

    Cheers, Olly

  2. Mate,

    Great to see your still covering those northern NSW roads!!

    Just a quick suggestion - I rode the Bylong Valley Way when we had our MCR2 in Bathurst in October. Highly recommend it - fantasic bit of black stuff and not much trafic. We headed inland from Muswellbrook via Denman, Yarrawa, Bylong and then onto Rylstone - magic! It is sealed the entire way, not that it would stop you. The bit of road through the National Park was an eye opener mainly due to the number of dead wombats alongside the road - I think we saw 4 and man, they were big.

    Anyway, enjoy your journey at Christmas - stay safe and make sure you bring back plenty of pics.

    Bylong Valley Way

  3. Hi Olly,

    Thanks for the tips. I am looking for a few new to me roads on this trip hence the Falls Crk ride and otherwise skipping the Snowys and Great Alpine rd which I agree are great but I have done a few times.

    Regards, IC

  4. Hi Beaker, I am definately doing the Bylong Valley and then the Tablelands way - these and Falls crk to Omeo are the roads I meant to ride earlier this year but fell ill.

    Just keeping my fingers crossed for suitable weather - long range seems to point to rain post Christmas in southern states ... :(