Saturday, August 01, 2009

New Zealand motorcycle atlas

I just ordered a copy of the above. I am off to New Zealand next month.

Circumstances mean it will just a be week fly/drive holiday on the south island. At this time of year I would not be at all comfortable on a motorcycle over there however it will serve as a good introductory trip for a future motorcycle tour.

I have long wanted to tour New Zealand (by motorcycle of course) but like Tasmania it seems to have a limited season of good weather for riding. So for a person like me who wants to avoid rain or cold as much as possible it has been easier to put both in the hard basket and let the time slip by.

I am certain this small time out there will be the trigger for me to return on two wheels. I shall of course take time out to photo some of the famous roads this trip even if on 4 wheels.

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  1. If you can get your hands on one, the current Ulysses "Riding On" has a write up on Touring NZ.