Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Mods finished - ready to ride this weekend.

I have finished the alterations I wanted to make.

First up was rider foot pegs:

Beautiful crafted items from Knight Design which give an extra inch of comfort for your knees.

Next was what turned out to be a rather big job. Fitting the Convertibars:

The process was removal of existing bars and triple clamp. Installation of the special Convertibar system and then reinstall triple clamp. Reroute some wires and cables, install longer clutch cable and brake line. Refit all controls and adjust everything, removal of mirrors and installation of bar end and mirror block off plates. The Mirrors are from Oberon and swivel up or down as required and the block off plates are from Dark Horse Moto. These allow full movement of the raised bars which other wise would foul the factory mirrors when near to full lock.

The Convertibar system is expensive but very impressive. You can adjust your bars up down back and forward however you like simply and in just a couple of minutes. They have guys stunt riding with them and they are claimed to be stronger than regular bars.

So finally all set for a long ride again. Just got to fit my trusty Airhawk and give everything a wipe over. Now for the weather to do its part for the weekend.


  1. After all that enhancement it's a shame to risk getting it dirty IC :-)
    Hope you get a good day for the christening. At least we're coming into Autumn soon so we should all get a bit more quality time with the bikes. Tony55

  2. DEYM! ooppss is it allowed? I just can't help my jaw drop! NICE JOB!

    Regards coming from the Philippines.
    XL3 Riders Club

  3. Thanks guys - all went well on the first outing.

    As for the bars well there are already many different types of bars sold with no mention of any of them being illegal.
    It's not uncommon for people with conventional bars to change them to higher or lower bends or MX style bars and of course Harley guys have been using various custom style bars for decades. As for sports bikes well less height bar risers for clip ons have been about for many years as have triple clamp conversions (which I considered). But neither offered the flexibility of this system which will let me get it exactly to my fit.