Saturday, November 22, 2008

Springbrook mountain

Took a spin up Mt Springbrook this morning. Took the car and that was the right choice as the roads were covered in fallen branches and leaves and twigs. The few motorbikes I saw up there needed to go very easy with the loose road surface.

There has been so much rain this week I thought the waterfalls that are often dry would be putting on a good show and I was not disappointed.

Just after the Canyon Lookout is a picnic BBQ area and from here you can do what is called the twin falls walk which is 4km in length. In the dry there is water flowing on just two falls hence the name however today there were 6 waterfalls on this walk.

Taken from behind the falls. The walking path takes you under the two falls below along it's route.

High winds forecast for Sunday so not sure if I will ride given the amount of debris on the roads already. Will see how it looks in the morning.