Saturday, September 29, 2007

Australian Moto-GP tour

No rides at the moment however I preparing to leave in one week for my tour south to Phillip Island, Melbourne, to attend the 2007 Australian round of the Moto-GP.

I am in no rush, so I am taking 2 weeks to ride down and back. The journey is the destination for me so I plan to ride no more than 600km per day (easy on a motorcycle) which means I can stop as I please to enjoy the sights along the way.

Of course I am taking in all the best motorcycle roads on the east coast of Australia there and back and swinging over to the Great Ocean Rd as well as 2 days in the NSW and VIC alpine regions. So expect a huge boost to my 'Good Motorcycle Roads' listings outside of my local area and 100's of new photos.

I'll try and post up my pre trip bike photo - touring on a MV Agusta perhaps might not the first thing that people think of with that brand of bike however its upright and (now) has the suspension compliant, add the air-hawk cushion and its as comfy as most others. And it sure will be fun along the way in the twisty roads.

Here is a video of a Brutale from an excellent e-zine that I recommend you visit.



  1. I'm very jealous that sounds like an awesome trip and you get to see the Moto GP at the end of it!!

  2. Thanks Guitar noize. Its a trip I have been wanting to do for some time now. A few friends have expressed an interest in doing the ride with me but they have canceled out, as they have done of other things, so thats their loss as I plan to have my best ride ever!