Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Earplug review update

I have found the silicon putty type of ear plugs - designed actually for swimmers - to be the only ones that for me personally seal off the noise successfully every use.

These are a bit more expensive to buy locally than foam ear plugs so I may buy some in bulk from the USA rather than buying from Chemist's here. So far I have not found any other places that sell them at reasonable amount.

Other suggestions I have received simply have not worked for me. Many people said get the custom moulded ear plugs so I tried these and they were hopeless never sealing out the noise nor being as comfortable as silicon ear plugs. I threw them away in anger as were a total waste of money.

If you are looking at foam roll up plugs then try the Max or Durafit or Ear gripper as these 3 are about the best imo (see my older posts) but simply will not stay in my ear while riding for very long.

I think I have exhausted my options now so that's all on ear plugs from me.

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