Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More earplug reviews

My new collection of earplugs arrived today.

These are all the highest noise reduction foam disposable plugs on the market.

These are a new design Silicon re-useable plugs in Small-Medium-Large.

Well I spent the afternoon trying them on and first up I am very disappointed with the re-useable items which don't seem to fit me at all. I have no idea how they can work at this stage as they neither fit in the ear canal well nor fit the outer ear. I had high hopes for these as so far the only plugs I can get to fit in successfully every use is the Moldex Rocket re-usable plugs - which only have a low NRR rating and are not so comfortable - these have a NRR of 32 as good as the foam plugs and look like they would be more comfy - but I cannot get them to fit.

As for the rest of the plugs well I still am unable to get any of them to work more than occasionally - the rest of the time they seem to not seal and sit loose in my ear. The E-A-R EarsoftFX and the Moldex Pura-fit are two I am hopeful with the others I have not had much luck with so far but will keep trying and give my verdict soon.

I am starting to have some serious doubts about my ability to use foam ear plugs ... which is a major problem as my bike is too loud without them.

The collection in photo is:

E-A-R Classic SuperFit - NRR 33 - PVC - Softness rating 4
E-A-R EarsoftFX - NRR 33 - UF - 2
Howard Leight MAX - NRR 33 - UF - 3
E-A-R Soft Blast - NRR 33 - UF - 3
Moldex Spark Plugs - NRR 33 - UF - 2
Moldex Pura-Fit - NRR 33 - UF - 2
Howard Leight Laserlite - NRR 32 - UF - 2
Hearos Super Soft - NRR 32 - UF - 1
Peltor Next Nitro - NRR 32 - UF - 2
Peltor Next Tattoo - NRR 32 - UF - 2

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Australia’s Best Motorcycle Roads – Yarra Ranges

There is a number of great riding roads in the Yarra ranges near Melbourne. I will try detail a few I have ridden but there is no doubt many variations I will  miss.

I rode Healsville to Marysville on B360 and C512 routes then C513 and C511 via Reefton to Warburton.  I then roade the C425 south which was also excellent.

I would have stayed and explored the many other roads more but it was freezing cold and damp, something I unfortunately encountered the previous time I visited the region too but no doubt it has some fine riding.