Friday, October 27, 2006

Week day ride.

Split yard
Mt G accent Northbrook parkway side
Police have organised a free BBQ and safety discussion with riders - free defect notice for anyone stupid enought to callin also included presumably - is anyone actually still riding Mt G on a Sunday?

Week day ride...
Theres something to be said for a weekday ride - with the forecast of rain sunday and a day off today Friday I decided to go out for a spin.

Newbies running wide - Supersport race boys testing their manhood - Police doing nasty harrassment of all on two wheels - all make Mt Glorious a place you dont want to go near on a Sunday - probably not even on a Saturday - so that made it a good choice for todays ride.

And wasnt it a nice change to ride up there without all the weekend bike and car traffic and to be able to simply enjoy the ride at my own pace no idiots trying to push me along and no utes with cameras slowing down to 20kph :-) I encountered just one car going west with me and one on the return and both were easy to move past safely.

I went on to Split yard and Fernvale and then back over Mt G and down the Samford Valley side and back up it and on home over Nebo again. I live a mere 10 minutes ride away from the start on the The Gap side of this mountain but rarely ride Nebo or Mt Glorious - its a great bit or road but somehow doesnt have the enjoyment of the rides on the northern or southern bike roads for reasons I dont understand yet.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Great motorcycle roads # 23

Revised Feb 2008
From Esk follow the sign to Crows Nest.

This road has alot of open easy flowing corners - something not so easy to find around Brisbane which has more tight mountain roads. There is a small section of tighter corners mid way up/down however even these flow easy on any sort of motorbike.

I really like this road, for the simple fact that its a nice change with some great scenic spots.

The Gus Beutel Lookout is at Ravensbourne. This is a must see, a huge panorama unfolds before you.

I also recommended visiting Lake Perseverance nearby.

Good rides No.22 Jimna Road

From Kilcoy you cant miss the sign post at the clock roundabout to Jimna. This road starts off quite open and flowing with lots of gentle sweeping corners taking you through some nice countryside, then after about 30 k you have this nice little range to climb with lots of tight corners and some faster flowing stuff all mixed in - right in the middle of nowhere with hardly any traffic whatsover. Some views of the huge pine forests of Blackbutt range are visible in places and then you come to Jimna and as of writing this I am told you should turn around here as gravel road further north - but its just as nice a ride back to town.

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Good rides no.21 Somerset Dam

Somerset Dam is a popular part of a loop north from Brisbane or a turnaround point for riders who have ridden Mt Glorious. There is petrol and small store near the dam and the ride from Northbrook parkway is open fast flowing road popular with the sports bike rider.

The ride along side the Wivenhoe dam is the other extension riders of Mt Glorious often take and is also open and fast flowing road which will take you to Fernvale for fuel and food.

I do not ride either very often as Mt Glorious is too popular with racers, noobs and  Brisbane’s fast and furious set, however weekdays these are nice roads. 


Friday, October 06, 2006

Back in paradise

I'm back out riding again - with the new exhaust fitted - thats it nice and shiney on my Buell and me with my shirt hanging out next to it and my mates MT-01. Bike now runs great, the exhaust was the item holding back the engine all this time.

I actually had tried a number of things rumoured to fix the throttle response on 900cc engined Buells but none worked. I wish the truth had been more widely known sooner - namely that the 900 models are just sensitive to exhausts and neither the factory standard or sport muffler suit the engine well.

So now the bike has nice crisp throttle in the midrange and bit more power, nothing to compare to any Japanese inline 4, but of course thats not the point, neither do any supermotards compare power wise to inline 4's - these bikes are all about F-U-N. As I have siad in other posts I can walk in a buy any new bike on the market the next day if I want - I dont have a inline 4 supersport bike these days as I dont find them as much fun to ride. The improved throttle really has cemented the little Buell in my mind as very close to ticking all the boxes on my imaginary check list at the moment - ultra small and nimble supermotard feel bike with comfort and fuel range - really just the weight that could be improved some more perhaps. Its not a heavy bike at all but then motards like the Husaberg only weigh 115kg so no regular road bikes are close to that yet.

I have also updated some of the 20 rides with a few new pictures.