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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Good Motorcycle Reading

I am still without a motorcycle and I am now in the northern hemisphere where it is too cold for me to consider riding for a while (although I hear some brave souls on the weekend taking off in the early hours).

So I am spending considerable time reading about other people riding over at the ADV site and lots of gear reviews over at Web Bike World.

If you have not visited either of these excellent sites before then be prepared to lose many hours or days of your life.

I like the look of the new 2014 CB1100 (EX) however not sure I will buy another one...


  1. Yes I like the look of the BMW Nine T Robert however my experience with BMW's has been less than satisfactory. I rented one of their motorcycles and it had unreliable electrics and I also owned a new car from them which suffered premature mechanical and electrical failures.

  2. Seems like our choices are almost similar because I also really loved the new look of CB1100. But the price is little bit high, It just seemed to me.

  3. I love the look yet for touring it is not really the best choice. However bike choice is often is 90% emotional and 10% rational.